Same yet Different
We at SAF have been pushing the boundaries of innovation since 1995. Our goal is to provide an innovative and efficient range of combination-drugs that changes the way pharma the industry thinks. Best known as the pioneers of Sucralfate in India, SAF is committed to provide the highest standard of healthcare.

With a presence in over 14 states SAF is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the Indian pharma market. With patented brands and unique formulations, we provide intelligent care for daily needs. Our newly established state of the art manufacturing unit is now operational, churning out the highest quality of medicines. With our versatile product range, we cater to the gastro-enterology, gynaecology, paediatric, general, surgical and orthopaedic divisions.

The group of companies is headed by Mr. Shomenath Roy Chowdhury who is the Chairman and Managing Director,and has been in pharmaceutical industry since the late 70’s.
Group of Companies
Linkquest Telecom has been a leading solution provider in the field of 2G/ 3G/HSPA/LTE Wireless Network & Fixed Line solutions from 1996. our headquarters (India) is in Noida, with offices located in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. With over employs 3000+ skilled people in the Telecom and I.T domain, Linkquest Telecom has a PAN India presence touching the life of mobile users of all Mobile service providers of the country. Linkquest Telecom has a 100% Subsidiary LinkQuest Telecom Global FZ LLC based out of UAE taking care of the GCC countries. It is also in the process of setting up subsidiaries in the Sub Saharan African countries and the UAE
  • Shomenath Roy Chowdhury
    (Chairman & Managing Director)

  • A. K. Ghosh
    (Executive Assistant to Managing Director)

  • Rathin Roy
    (Group Chief Finance Officer)

  • Tapash Bhattacharya
    (GM- Sales and Marketing)
Social Responsibility
Philanthropy has been a part of SAF’s agenda since the 90’s. Through various merit based scholarship programs and stipends, we promote art, music, handicrafts. By hosting shows and concerts, we provide a platform that allows contemporary artists the outreach that upcoming talent needs but can’t afford. Our efforts in the field of higher education are always expanding, almost as rapidly as the company itself. Programs ranging from free books, to re-imbursement of tuition fees to medical and engineering students are all a part of the SAF out-reach program.

Our sence of community extends even into free rural healthcare and education. Free medical check up’s, maternal and child care program, education on feminine hygiene, post-natal care, and distribution of bulk free samples to local free clinics.